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  • Company: Vital Optics Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Range Category:
  • Products info: infrared lenses, infrared detectors, infrared machines
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  • Contact address: No. 100, Nanjing Road, Langya Economic Development Zone, Chuzhou City, Anhui Province
  • company phone: 0451-51835038
  • E-mail: linxi.chang@votinfrared.com
  • Homepage http://www.votinfrared.com
  • Company Introduction:
    VITAL OPTICS TECHNOLOGY Co., Ltd. (SZ.300489) was established in 2006 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in July 2015, the company highly focused infrared laser materials, infrared lenses, infrared detectors, laser devices, medical detectors, infrared machines and systems and high-performance aluminum alloy materials and other businesses, is a collection of research and development, production, sales, service in one of the national high-tech enterprises. Based on the vertical development integration strategy, Vital Optics Technology has always taken industrial and market demand as the traction, innovation as the core driving force, and has the large-scale production capacity of the whole industrial chain from "material growth, chip design, device preparation to system integration", can provide high-quality optoelectronic products and solutions, and is committed to building a world-leading optoelectronic technology enterprise.After 17 years of precipitation and development, Vital Optics Technology has consolidated the development foundation of infrared and crystal materials business, created a core business matrix such as detectors, infrared lenses, lasers, infrared complete systems, etc., accelerated the layout of precision manufacturing industries such as optics, nuclear industry, new energy and semiconductors, and its business products are widely used in strategic emerging fields such as vehicle night vision, automatic driving, power safety, environmental protection, medical testing, aerospace, security monitoring, smart industry, artificial intelligence and so on. The company has become a domestic leader in infrared optical materials such as germanium, zinc selenide and zinc sulfide, one of the largest manufacturers of crystal materials such as yttrium lutetium silicate and zinc cadmium tellurium in China, and the only scientific and technological enterprise in China that has mastered the large-scale production technology of 13N ultra-high purity germanium crystals.At present, Vital Optics Technology has built 8-inch silicon-based MEMS infrared detector chip production line and medium-wave MCT, InSb and long-wave T2SL infrared refrigeration detector chip production line, and mastered MEMS chip design and manufacturing process technology, metal, ceramic and wafer-level packaging technology. In terms of infrared machines, Vital Optics Technology has developed handheld temperature measurement series products, handheld observation series products, and online monitoring series products for different industry applications, and developed a variety of integrated infrared modules for robots and UAV industries.At the same time, the company has a full range of independent research and development, manufacturing and production capacity from laser components to various types of lasers and laser equipment, and can provide various customers with large-scale standardized products and various customized products and all-round integrated technical solutions. The radiation detectors and modules developed based on CZT crystals, HPGe detectors and LYSO detectors are widely used in nuclear power, medicine, scientific research and other fields.With technological innovation and excellent operation, VOT's CVD zinc selenide project won the "First Prize of Anhui Province Science and Technology Progress Award" in 2023, and the infrared lens product was selected into the list of the tenth batch of information consumption innovative products in Anhui Province. The company has successively established a collaborative innovation mechanism with Chunguang Institute of Science and Technology, Nanjing University of Science and Technology, Hefei University of Technology, Changguang High-end Equipment Research Institute, University of Electronic Science and Technology of Xi’an, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other colleges and universities. The company has built innovative platforms such as provincial digital workshops, provincial and municipal enterprise technology centers, doctoral innovation workstations, etc., and undertakes a number of national, provincial and municipal major scientific research and industrialization projects.In terms of VOT brand management, VOT adheres to the guidance of major national strategies and technological innovation, vertically integrates the optoelectronic industry chain composed of infrared materials, lenses, detector chips and systems, modules and laser systems, and provides customers with high-quality products and integrated technical solutions to meet the urgent needs of space exploration, industrial testing, environmental protection and other fields, and drives the innovation and development of local new generation information technology, new materials and high-end equipment industries. Benefiting from years of industry accumulation and excellent product services, the company has established a strategic partnership with a number of domestic and foreign customer groups with diversified products, rich levels and long-term stability.Vital Optics Technology always keeps in mind the mission of "optics leads science and technology and intelligently creates the future", adheres to the values of "respect, cooperation, tenacity and innovation", continues to focus on product innovation and technological breakthroughs, empowers the world with optoelectronic materials and systems, and provides strategic support for the development and innovation of the global optoelectronic technology industry.