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  • Company: Hangzhou Zhonghe Electronic Equipment Co. , Ltd.
  • Range Category: Burglar Alarm,Building Intercom,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Public Broadcasting,Video Conference,Transmission Equipment,Security Systems Integration,Fire Equipment
  • Products info: 功放、音箱、广播、IP网络广播、话筒、音柱、吸顶、调音台、处理器、扬声器
  • The pavilion:
  • Booth Number:
  • Contact address: Ping Yao Zhen Feng Cheng Lu 3, Yuhang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province
  • company phone: 0571-88172692
  • E-mail: 1044161294@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.flbaudio.com
  • Company Introduction:
    FLB has over twenty years of industry experience in providing full system audio equipment. He is a pioneer and leader in the field of intelligent public broadcasting and professional audio in China. It is one of the few enterprises in China that has achieved one-stop production of professional public broadcasting audio systems. It independently develops and produces dozens of series and over 1000 varieties of products. As of now, it has more than 5 million successful cases worldwide.

    Ten years of talent cultivation, the company adheres to the business philosophy of "R&D innovation, excellent quality, and customer satisfaction". Continuously expanding production scale, it has developed into a well-known brand in the international audio field, with a large user base in China, Europe and America, and other parts of the world. Its quality and reliability have been proven by nearly two decades of widespread use. FLB strives for excellence in the selection of circuit design components for each product, and each step of the product undergoes very strict component screening and product testing. Ensure the high reliability and high quality of every product, and the company also provides customized OEM services to customers. For a long time, we have been OEM producing high-quality electroacoustic products with a large number of domestic and foreign brand enterprises, providing users with excellent, value-added, and stable products. Our goal is to provide better services with a pragmatic, rigorous, and sincere corporate spirit. We will work hand in hand with our new and old friends to create a future together. FLB Audio has four branches and a factory area of over 20000 square meters. We have dozens of injection molding machines and produce over 8000000 audio plastic parts annually.

    There are 12 audio equipment production lines with an annual production capacity of 800000 electronic equipment (including public address power amplifier, intelligent broadcast controller, networked broadcast equipment, Mixing console, professional stage power amplifier, card entertainment equipment, IP broadcast audio peripheral equipment, etc.).

    Speaker Factory: produces various types of ceiling mounted speakers, wall mounted speakers, and conference box products, with an annual production capacity of up to 2000000 units. The outdoor sound column factory produces various outdoor sound column speaker series. It is the largest outdoor sound column production base with the widest variety and scale among similar products in China.

    We have a professional audio factory specializing in a series of products such as stage speakers, card pack speakers, mobile battery pull rod speakers, and our production capacity continues to expand.