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  • Company: Guangzhou AOShi IoT Informations & Technology Co.; Ltd.
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Transmission Equipment,Integrated Management Platform,Intelligent Transportation
  • Products info: Digital Transmission Box ,Optical transceiver ,Video Fault Diagnosis Management System
  • The pavilion: 7
  • Booth Number: 7B04
  • Contact address: Room 401-410, building A, 23 Nanxiang second road, Huangpu District Science City, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province PRC.
  • company phone: 020--87096803
  • E-mail: 1274418620@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.as-wl.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Guangzhou AoShi Internet of Things Information & Technology Co.,Ltd. Introductions Proud of the company was established on October 17,2017, the introduction of excellent R & D Technology and Management Team; COMMITTED TO SECURITY PRODUCTS: Video Optical terminal, Optical Fiber Transceiver (trouble-reporting, network management) , digital transmission box, internet-based technology-based intelligent video detection flat, video fault diagnosis system and other intelligent security products R & D, production, sales business. Committed to "smart city, smart community, smart transportation, smart home, smart energy" and other fields of research and development, vigorously promote the Internet of things in the intelligent field of wide application and Internet information industry development. At present, the company has 85 employees, including 2 Graduate Students, 30 R & D personnel with Bachelor's degree or above, and 2 senior professional titles, has Reached the annual output of all types of optical transceivers, intelligent digital transmission box equipment 300,000 sets of capacity to meet market demand. The company has a R & D Organization, has made a number of major scientific achievements and has obtained invention patents and software copyright. At present, we have established deep cooperation with universities and scientific research institutions, such as South China Agricultural University, Guangdong Normal School, Guangzhou Navigation College, to jointly develop and overcome relevant video surveillance industry issues Has completed a number of government science and Technology Research and development projects and passed the acceptance test smoothly, among them, the key research project of the Ministry of Public Security, "intelligent video detection platform based on Internet of things" , jointly submitted with the Science and Technology Information Department of the Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department, passed the acceptance test smoothly, and won the 2019 Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Award third prize, security video and operation and maintenance industry encountered some technical problems to provide a substantive solution, the project products to the relevant departments and the high recognition of the user market. The Internet of things will be proud of "high-tech enterprises" , "the Ministry of Public Security Science and Technology Award" and other qualifications recognition as an opportunity to continue to uphold technology first, increase investment in research and development, continuous innovation in product ideas. To further promote the process of independent innovation and independent research and development, strengthen the company's technological innovation capabilities in industrial-grade optical fiber transceivers, video monitoring intelligent transmission and obstacle reporting system products, and enhance the capability of technological innovation and achievement transformation, for the video monitoring intelligent transmission and report system field, for the development of smart city to provide more quality technical support and protection! List of relevant qualifications: 1,3 years in a row obtained in 2017-2018-2019"Guangdong Province Outstanding Security Enterprise (production and sales category) " honorary certificate; Provincial Security Association, Vice President, unit; 2, April 2019 obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, Enterprise Credit Certificate AAA; 3. SD-100 digital transmission box product obtained the inspection report of the product Quality Supervision and Inspection and testing center of the safety precaution alarm system of the Ministry of Public Security. 4. SD-7200 and SD-7300 series optical fiber transceiver obtained the license of telecommunication equipment to enter the network respectively 5,2019 by the Ministry of Public Security Third Prize in science and technology; 6,2020 by the National high-tech enterprises recognized; 7, granted four patents: Zl201611254405.3-digital transmission box and fault diagnosis system; Zl201611254304.6-optical transceiver and fault diagnosis system; Zl201930491705.1-intelligent transmission box; ZL202030721263.8-intelligent monitoring transmission box. 8.14 computer software copyrights: 9.6 SOFTWARE PRODUCT CERTIFICATES: Yuerc-2018-0737-ao Video Monitoring Fault Diagnosis Control Management Software; RC-2018-0768-ao digital transmission box control management software; RC-2018-0769-optron Optical Transceiver Management Software; Guangdong RC-2020-0168-OPTRONIC industrial grade optical transceiver management software Guangdong RC-2020-0159-OPTRONIC SMART report control management software Guangdong RC-2020-0597-OPTRONIC student vision health tracking management software. 10, obtained 5 high-tech product certificates of Guangdong Province: Yuegao Enterprise Association (2018) No. 19-digital transmission box, ASV series video optical terminal, AS-D7 type optical transceiver; Yuegao Enterprise Association (2019) No. 11-SD-100 digital transmission box; Yuegao Enterprise Association (2021) No. 3-industrial grade optical fiber transceiver. Contact Telephone: 020-87096803 Company website: www.as-wl.com Address: Room 401-410, building A, 23 Nanxiang second road, Huangpu District Science City, Guangzhou,Guangdong Province PRC.