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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Shandong Feitian Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
  • Range Category: Burglar Alarm,Building Intercom,Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,Police Equipment,Fire Equipment
  • Products info: Various alarm products and solutions in the field of perimeter security
  • The pavilion: 5
  • Booth Number: 5C23
  • Contact address: Lunan Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park, 1288 Honghe Avenue West Road, Tengzhou City, Shandong Province
  • company phone: 0632-5591986
  • E-mail: ftjg986@163.com
  • Homepage http://www.fetnlaser.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Shandong Feitian Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Feitian Optoelectronics) is located in Mozi Science and Technology Park in Tengzhou. Since its establishment in 2009, it has built every product with the spirit of Luban’s ingenuity and is committed to perimeter safety with laser detection as its core. The research and development and application of various alarm products and solutions in the field of prevention is an innovation-driven high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of laser photoelectric detection systems.

    The company's products cover various intelligent sensing front-end equipment and local terminals such as laser beams, lidars, phased array radars, microwave radars, infrared beams, infrared gratings, vibrating optical fibers, electronic fences, environmental detection, indoor alarms, explosion-proof detectors, etc. , Cloud integrated security management system and other intelligent cognitive platform products.

    The company's research and development of laser perimeter intrusion alarm, laser intelligent traffic ultra-high detection and early warning, laser high-voltage line anti-external damage detection, laser radar cross-line detection, railway whole station protection detection, smart prison perimeter alarm, petroleum and petrochemical industry-wide supervision and alarm , Culture, education and health safety protection, railway substation perimeter protection, urban underground pipe gallery explosion-proof alarm, safe campus and other solutions are widely used in various fields of society.

    With more than 10 years of experience in technology research and development, product design and complete equipment manufacturing, the company has successively won the national high-tech enterprise certificate, IS09001 quality management system certification, environmental management system certification, occupational health and safety management system certification, double-soft enterprise certification, Zaozhuang City Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Recognition Certificate, CE Certificate, 3C Certificate, Explosion-proof Certificate and more than 30 patents and soft certificate.

    In the future, the company will have a deep insight into customer needs, continue to promote the diversified development of products and technologies, and deeply integrate mature laser detection technology with artificial intelligence, cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things and other technologies, and at the same time bring solutions to smart transportation and smart industry. , Smart cities and other fields, continue to empower thousands of industries, and contribute wisdom and strength to the country’s high-quality economic and social development.

    Feitian Optoelectronics opens a new era of China's smart IoT industry!