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  • Company:
  • Range Category: Burglar Alarm
  • Products info: 2.3 M dynamic remote Iris recognition, Multimodal Iris recognition, embedded iris recognition
  • The pavilion: 二楼大厅
  • Booth Number: 2029
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  • E-mail: 3119489047@qq.com
  • Homepage http://honganxiangyu.com.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Beijing Hongan Xiangyu Information Technology Co. , Ltd. is the first domestic Iris Recognition Technology Research and Development and large-scale application of the national high-tech enterprises. Since 1997, the R & D team has been established, more than 20 years of Iris Recognition Industry Experience has made the company full of confidence, fruitful. The company has more than 80 independent intellectual property products and recognition Algorithms, 6 National Iris Recognition Technology Related Invention Patents, 9 Iris Recognition Technology Utility model invention patents, 10 product appearance patents and 23 sets of Industry System Platform Software. In 2015, the company established the China Iris Public Welfare Fund, which is the only Iris Recognition Foundation in China with the participation of the government and aims to serve the society and help the missing people. There are 32 local caring workstations in China, nearly 4,000 volunteer volunteers took part. In October 2019, we set up the joint laboratory of \\\"multi-modal long-distance dynamic iris recognition\\\" with Beijing People\\\'s Police College The aim of the laboratory is to promote the application of remote dynamic iris recognition in the field of public security. The technology is currently only owned by companies around the world; 22 related companies have been established in China, including Core Algorithm technology research and development, product design and production, application software development, sales, after-sales service companies, the formation of R & D, Production, sales, service integration development model. The company takes \\\"brand, resources, capital\\\" as the development direction, \\\"simple, high-efficiency, security\\\" as the goal, \\\"security products, software integration, information security\\\" as the three business sectors, covering a wide range of areas, leading the mainstream direction of information and security industry. Products through the Ministry of Public Security Authority certification, and obtained the Ministry of Public Security (criminal) document 1539 National Iris Database Shortlisted Iris Collection Products Provider Qualification. Participate in drafting Iris Recognition Industry Standards for the Ministry of Public Security, the Supreme People\\\'s Court, and the Ministry of Justice. In recent years, the company has made breakthrough development and innovation in the practical application of Iris Recognition Algorithm, image and Die Algorithm, image compression algorithm, edge calculation and multi-modal recognition, etc. , and obtained the national high-tech enterprise qualification. At the distance of 2.3 meters, the dynamic iris recognition within 1 meter (normally walking 1.4 meters/second) , the multi-mode recognition technology has achieved significant technological innovation, and solved the major problem that the iris can not be used by the outdoor strong light, let the world\\\'s attention to the cutting-edge biometrics technology has really achieved mass production and applied to many security areas. The company\\\'s multi-modal Iris recognition products have been developed, produced, sold, and served the entire industry chain, creating a strong force, has become a true industry leader. The company will steadily implement the strategy of Science and technology development, carry out science and technology management, science and Technology Investment and science and technology support work in an all-round way, and strive to use diversified products, systematic technology applications and services, multi-level, continuous to meet the needs of different users.