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  • Company: 3KM Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Intelligent Transportation,激光夜视监控
  • Products info: 100 meters -20 kilometers infrared laser fill light
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  • Contact address: 12F,Building 1,Heng Changrong Hi-tech Park, No.128 shangnandong Road,Shajing Street,Baoan District,Shenzhen
  • company phone: 0755-66864401
  • E-mail: liuzhiliang@sz3km.com
  • Homepage http://www.sz3km.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Become The World's Largest Supplier Of Light Module

    ——3KM, The Inventor Of VCSEL Laser Lighting

    3KM laser illuminates the beautiful future

    3KM Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. focusing on the application of laser technology, relying on the unique advantages of independent research and development of laser encapsulation process, have created a new era of safety laser lighting products across the night vision lighting control, unmanned aerial vehicles, VR/AR/MR, automotive auxiliary driving, laser rangefinder, laser radar, light color identification, face recognition, machine vision and several big emerging high-tech industry, involving billions of the size of the market, is committed to become the world's largest light source module suppliers.

    The leader of laser intelligent technology application

    Since its establishment, 3KM to the application of laser technology as the core, from the initial single traditional infrared laser light, now it has longitudinally developed a full range laser light of fixed-focus infrared laser supplementary light, zoom infrared laser supplementary light, secure infrared laser supplementary light, full intelligent infrared laser supplementary light, low power ultra long distance infrared laser supplementary light, high power ultra long distance infrared laser supplementary light, ultra long distance laser supplementary white light, Penetrating rain and fog infrared laser supplementary light, intelligent transportation and no glare supplementary white light .., effectively supplement light distance from 50 m to 5 km, It has targeted the high-end user groups such as the industry's leading large brand enterprises, military and police forces, and government departments, including several leading enterprises in the Security industry, UAV industry and Ceramic industry. Horizontal development of laser chip packaging, light source module customization, laser color difference detection, laser intelligent identification, ranging tracking, environmental monitoring, deep-sea search and other upstream and downstream product categories, and has become the industry application guide.

    ● Create ultra long distance infrared laser illumination

    ● First the safest infrared laser illumination

    ● Exclusive minimum Angle fixed focus laser lamp

    ● The first zoom laser lamp through rain and haze

    ● Initiate the inspection of ceramic color difference and defect

    ● First full series machine vision light source

    ● The first non - glare intelligent supplementary lighting

    Create the safest laser lighting with 6 "firsts"

    At the end of 2015, the first safety (VCSEL) infrared laser lamp was developed and manufactured by 3KM It has 2 invention patents and 5 utility model patents. It is the first infrared laser lamp in the industry and the only one that can reach the level of 3B laser safety up to now. It is also the first infrared laser lamp in the history of infrared laser night vision lighting to realize the range of industrial working temperature.

    Key team and core advantages

    3KM start-up team consists of overseas returnees with Doctor degree , masters, and excellent domestic scientific and technological r&d, product control and marketing personnels. The core team has 10-25 years of professional experience, and adopts the mode of cooperation with XI 'AN Guangji Institute, Shenzhen University of Technology, Guangzhou University of Technology and other Universities and Enterprises to constantly innovate and become the industry leader.

    Our core technology advantages including VCSEL encapsulation technology of infrared laser light source, a full range of machine vision technology, zero noise light loss without jitter smoothing patent technology, laser illumination optical zoom processing system, plug and play of the intelligent control system, from the ultra long distance infrared laser night zoom lighting system, penetrating rain and fog technology, etc. It focuses on the development of laser technology application products with five core advantages of high intelligence, high efficiency, high quality, high safety and high starting point, providing solutions for laser lighting, laser light source, intelligent identification and other application industries.

    Looking forward to the future

    Less than 5 years after its publication, 3KM has become a strategic partner of the security monitoring night vision lighting industry, which has become a major enterprise in the Security industry, UAV industry and Ceramic industry. Its key customers include 12 Listed companies and ONE from Fortune 500 Company. We believe that with the further development and perfection of laser intelligent application products, 3km will become the most competitive light source module supplier in the world!