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  • Company: dongguan Erlang Sense Radiography Equipment Co.,Ltd.
  • Range Category: Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Security Inspection & EOD
  • Products info: X-ray detection equipment,Security inspection machine,safety-check,Temperature measuring door
  • The pavilion: 8
  • Booth Number: 8C03
  • Contact address: Building 1, No. 1, huangang Jinsha Road, Houjie street, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province
  • company phone: 0769-23668185
  • E-mail: 2853570230@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.xrayjc.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Dongguan Erlang Shen Image Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the production of safety inspection and detection systems, X-ray foreign body detection and high-tech products closely related to image technology, with radiation image technology as the core. It integrates research, development, production and sales, and is a major security inspection equipment system supplier at home and abroad.
    We place technological updates at an important strategic position and take continuously meeting customer needs as our responsibility and driving force. Looking internationally, we cooperate with world-class brand enterprises in the industry such as Japan, Germany, and South Korea to ensure that we provide customers with world-class, high-quality, cutting-edge, and cost-effective security products. Established the Erlang Shen brand of "China's first X-ray testing equipment technical strength".
    At present, Erlang Shen has two main products: industrial X-ray foreign matter detection and public security inspection system. Foreign matter detection is mainly used in shoe and hat factories, garment factories, toy factories, handbag factories, bag factories, pharmaceutical factories, battery factories, die-casting factories, Small appliance factories, electronic component factories, Ophiocordyceps sinensis, and food industries such as condiments, candy, pasta, pickled frozen products, aquatic vegetables; The public security inspection system is mainly applied in public places such as bus stations, train stations, schools, customs, museums, archives bureaus, tax bureaus, prisons, courts, national research institutions, postal services, logistics, air express delivery, various venues, tourist attractions, large-scale exhibitions, sports exhibition halls, docks, etc.
    Erlang Shen Imaging Equipment Co., Ltd. has passed: ISO quality management system certification, ISO environmental management system certification, international CE certification, and the latest national standard GB15208.1-2005 Micro dose X-ray Security Inspection Equipment. The product has passed the certification of the Safety and Electronic Product Quality Testing Center of the Ministry of Public Security, and has obtained inspection reports for all models.