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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Shenzhen Aoution Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Range Category: Burglar Alarm,One Card Solution,Smart Home,Security Accessories,Chip-level Solutions,Intelligent Transportation
  • Products info: Smart home products, voice modules, RF remote controls, switches, high frequency modules, controllers,Bluetooth WIFI module
  • The pavilion: 3
  • Booth Number: 3D03
  • Contact address: JinBi Road No.590,BiLin Community,PingShan District,Shenzhen
  • company phone: 0755-28623160
  • E-mail: 247649512@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.ykkg.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Shenzhen Aosheng Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating the development, production and sales of artificial intelligence, smart home products, security alarm products, and remote control customized products. The company is based in the largest electronics market in Asia-Shenzhen Relying on the economic development advantages, technological advantages, ideological awareness and acceptance advantages of the coastal areas of the Pearl River Delta, and the principle of being close to the market and user-friendly, it has developed a high-tech, mature and stable, convenient and easy-to-use, suitable for mass consumption. Products, and continue to develop global business network based on this, and establish a good product development system, production system, sales system, service system, etc.
    The company's products are divided into five major series:
    Artificial intelligence series (smart home robot, offline voice remote control switch, smart speaker, voice socket, voice fan, voice lift table, smart boiling water shell, voice electric curtain; voice electric drying rack, voice central control host)
    Electric doors and windows series (retractable door remote controller, road gate remote controller, rolling door remote controller, external motor remote controller, tubular motor remote controller, garage door remote controller, swing door remote controller control Controller, remote controller for sliding door; remote controller for electric curtain, remote controller for electric cool hanger)
    Smart home series (including 86 type RF remote control switch, infrared remote control switch, remote control switch module, remote control socket, electric curtain, fingerprint lock, remote control doorbell, electric drying rack, etc.);
    Industrial security control series (including remote access control, remote control motors, wireless transceiver modules, wireless remote controls, wireless receivers, wireless remote switches, wireless receiving controllers, door sensors, smoke detectors, gas alarms, and security system peripheral accessories, etc. Series products);
    Custom-made development series (including remote control light strips, remote control lights, remote control buttons, remote control boats, remote control advertising light boxes, etc.)
      After more than ten years of unremitting efforts, the company has a standardized production base, equipped with advanced high-tech precision testing equipment, manufacturing equipment; modern, high-quality, high-level, and pioneering professional technology, management, and sales personnel. Over the years, the company has actively developed a global network, providing a variety of marketing services such as regional agency, regional distribution, cooperative development, and OEM production. Has become a professional manufacturer with considerable strength in the smart home industry and the security industry that integrates development, design, production and sales;
    The company is committed to creating a complete set of wireless remote control intelligent solutions suitable for Chinese family characteristics, and strives to become a leading solution provider in the field of smart life, providing smart home / electric doors and windows / network appliances / embedded systems / digital homes and other fields Technology and products;
       The company has a large number of professionals and strong technical force. Adhering to the business philosophy of "pragmatism, innovation, efficiency, and unity", we warmly welcome customers at home and abroad to visit us.
      The company can do a good job in product software and hardware design and development business according to the design requirements of different products of each customer.
      Our company is looking for agents and distributors all over the country, welcome to join us.
    Phone: 0755-28623160 / 84045537/28623870
    Website: www.ykkg.com;
    Address: 2nd Floor, Building C, No.590, Jinbi Road, Biling Street, Pingshan District, Shenzhen