October 25    th-October 28    th,2025
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

About CPSE


CPSE - China Public Security Expo (Shenzhen) is the only professional and effective security show in China that has been certified by BPA, the Business of Performing Audits.

Exhibitor Feedback

"CPSE is a platform for us to communicate. The reason that we support China Security Forum is also to promote the manufacturing level of security equipment and products. We are very pleased to sponsor such a platform for a good communication."Kim Sung SikTianjin Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. President
"For Panasonic, CPSE is the best opportunity to show the new products, new technology and system solutions."Masaharu NakayamaPanasonic Corporation of China Managing Director System Solutions Sales Company
We can benefit a lot from this expo, such as to show our new products, to have chance to get expectations and suggestions from our users. Moreover, it is very important for us to know the development of market technology. We hope we could attend CPSE in the future , and wish the expo better and better."Jason PeiSony (China) Limited Vice President Application Business Group China, Professional Solutions Group

Feedback from Other Security Associations Worldwide

"We have been here since 10 years ago, and we witness the growth of the show. All maturity of Chinese market has been obviously seen. And it's an amazing market for our country to focus on. As the CEO of Security Industry Association, I will work hard to interface America's market to China for a better development."Richard Chace Security Industry Association, CEO
"I have been to many countries to attend the security expo. CPSE is very successful from the view of organization and service. China is not only the biggest manufacturing base but also the biggest sales market. We are very optimistic towards the prospects of security industry in China. And do hope our country and China will have more opportunities to communicate. "Igor FilonenkoRussian Association of Security Industry , President
"I am very impressed by CPSE show, and we all face the same security problems. In this event, I found a lot of new technologies, new system solutions. China' s market is a good opportunity for UK. A lot of security products have already come into UK. We can see the opportunity is enormous from security boast view, like Beijing, security is the most important factor for Olympic games. We hope that London security could come to a higher level. "David Evans British Security Industry Association, 2012 Project Director
"I think there are more professional products available now in Shenzhen than ever. This time, many products with high quality have been displayed at the show. China is a big electronic manufacturing platform. The quality is improving and price is very competitive. I hope our government will import more security products from China."GB Singh Former President of APSA India Chapter