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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear Exhibitors,


You will find below some answers regarding your participation:




When will be CPSE 2017?

CPSE 2017 will be held from October 29 – November 1, 2017.


Where will be CPSE 2017?

CPSE 2017 will be held at Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre (Fuhua 3rd Road).

The International Halls include Hall 1 and Hall 6.

Add: Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, P.R. China.




How can I obtain more information about exhibiting during CPSE 2017?

In the "Exhibitor Info" of this website you can find a lot of information about participating at this exhibition. Link: http://www.cpse.com.cn/exhibitor_info.html


For more information please contact our sales department. 


What should I do to exhibit at CPSE 2017?

Please be advised that we only accept registrations with signature and company stamp in the Reservation Form, if you would attend the show as an Exhibitor. Once you have sent your application form, our commercial team will contact you to finalize the details of your participation.


To take part in the trade show as a visitor, please finish the registration here.

Link: http://www.cpse.com.cn/visitor.php?ac=login&act=visitor&opt=reregister


How can I exhibit in a pavilion?

The pavilion are organized by our region agency, please contact them for detail information regarding the country pavilion.


How do I choose my booth space at CPSE 2017?

When you fill in the registration form to exhibit at CPSE 2017 and sent it back to us, the commercial team will contact you for further detail, such as booth type, size and location, according to your inquiry and company profile. You can also indicate your wishes with respect to your stand neighbors. The organizer keeps first come, first serve principle. The information will be kept confidential and our sales team will do their best to comply with your wishes.


Where can I get information on different services such as stand construction, technical equipment, furniture etc.?

You can find all the information in the exhibitor manual or our website.

For furniture and equipment rental, please contact the organizing committee for the rental request form and payment info.


How long do I have to decide whether to participate?

To make sure that CPSE 2017 runs smoothly, please contact organizing committee for the booth update. We will keep first come first serve principle because the booth might be run out shortly.


Who should I contact for my exhibits transportation?

You can contact any international forwarder to transport your exhibit from your origin country, or you can contact our Logistics partner which can be found in the exhibitor manual.


When can I get my exhibits on my booth?

The official forwarder should distribute your exhibits to your booth according to the whole setting up schedule. For detail info, please refer to the exhibitor manual.




Where can I find the list of exhibitors?

You can find the exhibitors list on our website, under “Exhibitor” section. Normally, the exhibitors list will be published after July according to the registration status of our exhibitors of 2017 and will be updated timely.




How much will it cost me to participate in CPSE 2017? How should I plan my budget?

Your participating expenses will depend on several factors: not only the size of your booth but also special services you will need and so on. Every company has its own particular needs and requires a customized answer.


For the cost of booth, the detail can be find in the following page “Exhibitor Info---- Exhibitor Info”, our price is various accordingly to exhibition hall.

Link: http://www.cpse.com.cn/exhibitor_info.html


Can I cancel my registration?

Yes, we do have a cancelation policy, please refer to the content in your contract signment.




Do I need a business visa to come to CPSE 2017? How do I obtain it?

You need a business visa in order to attend CPSE 2017, or a tourist visa is okay too.

Tourist Visa is easier to obtain and it enables you to stay in China for 30 days. Just contact the Chinese Consulate in your home country for application. For those who need a business visa, please contact our organizing committee for the official invitation.


For those who need to obtain original copy issued by the government for their visa (pacific countries are needed only), please contact our organizing committee for the official invitation. In this case, courier cost will be charged accordingly.




When do I receive my badges?

For exhibitors, you will be able to get your badges by presenting exhibitor registration form with company seal during the building period before the show start at organizing committee office at convention center. If you are a raw space exhibitor, you also have to submit your booth design and safety approval documents to convention & exhibition center in advance. For the booth design and safety approval documents required, please refer to the exhibitor manual for detail in formation.




Are there discounted hotel rooms in Shenzhen during the show?

CPSE 2017 partnered with travel agent who would offer discounted hotel rates, please find “Travel Info---Hotel” . Also, you can make the reservation via internet or other agent, we highly suggest you book the hotel earlier to get a better price.


How can I make sure of a parking place in the fairground while the exhibition is on?

Exhibitors of CPSE 2017 can use parking places of the exhibition center according to availability and pay directly to the exhibition center. But the parking places are highly demanded during the event, we suggest all our participants to take public transportation and the exhibition center is in a great location with convenient transport facility.


How can I get a translator to help me dealing with Chinese language?

CPSE 2017 has a partner provides interpreting services, please refer to exhibitor manual for detail info.


In case, you still have some questions about your participation; feel free to contact our international team in via overseas_market@cps.com.cn