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Important Notice to Exhibitors of the 14th China Public Security Expo

To: exhibitors of the 14th China Public Security Expo (CPSE)
Theme: Application for online registration of exhibitor’s card
According to exhibition participation procedure of China Public Security Expo, exhibitors need to apply for exhibitors’ cards via the official website (www.cpse.com.cn) of China Public Security Expo.
Exhibitors can apply according to the following steps:
(1) Participating enterprise should log on the CPSE official website (www.cpse.com.cn) to enter “Exhibitor Registration” page before September 30th, 2013;
(2) Enterprise user fills in the correct user name and password (if both the user name and password are forgotten, please call 0755-88309123 to recover the password);
(3) Click on “Exhibitor’s Card Information” on the left to find current application for exhibitor’s card;
(4) Click on “Apply for Exhibitor’s Card” on top right corner, fill in relevant and accurate information to apply successfully;

1. The exhibitor’s card of the participating enterprise’s personnel adopts real-name system. The card includes information related to the personnel of the enterprise. All cards are delivered to the enterprises by mail. Please ensure that the information is true, accurate and effective.
2. Each enterprise may apply for multiple exhibitors’ cards, but the quantity is limited based on the size of enterprise (three exhibitor’ cards are provided for every 9m2 booth).
3. The deadline for exhibitor’s cards application is October 10th, 2013. After the deadline, the application or modification of exhibitor’s cards is not allowed. In case of any last-minute change in participating enterprise’s personnel, the enterprise can contact the organization committee to print out exhibitor’s cards at exhibitors check-in upon their arrival.

Exhibitors’ registration URL:

CPSE Organizing Committee
September 2013,
Contact: Cindy
Tel: 0755-88309123
Fax: 0755-88309111