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  • Company: Beijing Chuzhi Technology Co., Ltd
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  • Products info: Chuzhi landun security computer
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  • Contact address: 1203, Unit 4, Building 2, Courtyard 9, Fenghao East Road, Haidian District, Beijing
  • company phone: 010-82732966
  • E-mail: zhuxy@chuzhi.cn
  • Homepage http://chuzhi.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Beijing Chuzhi Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Chuzhi) was founded in 2009. Relying on the self-developed chip-level core technology, it focuses on providing users with a series of security products and solutions from end to cloud. In the early stage of its establishment, it focused on the field of big data storage. Based on the independently developed distributed storage technology, it solved the problem of building data security environment for users by combining hardware and hardware, and its products were widely used in government, enterprises and other institutions. At the beginning of 2019, Chuzhi wholly integrated into Hangzhou Hualan Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hualan Micro) and became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hualan Micro. Hualan Micro's profound technical accumulation in integrated circuits has injected a strong "core" power into the concept of building a safe data environment for the majority of users. In 2020, based on the independent memory chip and LAN Dun security product scheme, Chuzhi launched the "LAN Dun ® Jiuding" series of security computer products. The launch of this series of products opened the first "light security" market in China, and fully met the urgent needs of the majority of non-classified individuals or organizations for security and confidentiality. The security notebook mainly has three customer values, not afraid of stealing, not afraid of losing, not afraid of repair, mainly focus on the target population for scientific research personnel, secretarial personnel, party and government office personnel, business personnel and celebrity groups, etc. The core technologies of the product are supported by the underlying self-developed chip, which has the following three functions: chip-level remote control function, chip-level data hiding function, chip-level data destruction function, and the above functions can be realized without the help of the operating system. Specific technical implementation details: feature 1: chip-level remote control function, through the self-developed communication module installed in the computer, can use the control of mobile phone, remote positioning remote switch machine and remote machine lock and other functions. Feature two, chip level data hiding function, through the main control design of self-developed memory chip, can realize the hard disk data partition hidden, even if professionals can not crack, to ensure the security of important data. Feature three, chip-level destruction function, relying on its own technology, so that the computer has the function of regular destruction, once the computer is lost, when the set time exceeds, as long as the finder presses the power key, the computer can make the private data instantly destroyed without entering the system. Different users, according to different needs, can choose different versions, I believe that there is always a suitable for you! Heart is different, born very different, I hope we carefully create the "core" security computer products for the majority of managers to bring a real sense of security.