October 25    th-October 28    th,2025
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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Jiangsu Yingzhi Technology Co., Ltd
  • Range Category:
  • Products info: Yingzhi panoramic anti shake video and audio recorder
  • The pavilion:
  • Booth Number:
  • Contact address: 1st Floor, Block A, Guangling New City Innovation Center, Shenggu Road, Guangling District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
  • company phone: 0256596-52896596
  • E-mail: 965710708@qq.com
  • Homepage http://
  • Company Introduction:
    Jiangsu Yingzhi Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading provider of smart city and security product solutions, committed to exploring and maturely applying the world's most advanced panoramic imaging technology to various law enforcement, prevention and control, early warning, monitoring and other smart city scenarios. With panoramic imaging hardware and solutions, we help various government and enterprise customers solve real-time visual communication and smart management problems.