October 25    th-October 28    th,2023
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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: EVOC
  • Range Category: Intelligent Analysis,Integrated Management Platform
  • Products info: Intelligent transportation, intelligent positioning, intelligent energy efficiency, and intelligent service cloud
  • The pavilion:
  • Booth Number:
  • Contact address: B1, 16/F, Yanxiang Science and Technology Building, No. 31, Gaoxin Middle 4th Road, Yuehai Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
  • company phone: 0755-8625574
  • E-mail: sz.clin@evoc.net
  • Homepage http://www.evoc.cn/
  • Company Introduction:
    Smart Park Technology is an innovative technology business brand under Advantech Holdings Group that specializes in providing comprehensive solutions for park pain points. As one of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, Advantech Group has been operating continuously for 30 years. Advantech Group has 49 branches worldwide and three national innovation platforms, dedicated to leading the industry's development through technological innovation. We have over 1100 authorized patents and 1300 non patented core technologies.