October 25    th-October 28    th,2023
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: BIAVT (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Smart Home,Public Broadcasting,Display Device,Security Systems Integration,Component
  • Products info: Audio equipment, video equipment, central control equipment and intelligent conference equipment.
  • The pavilion: 7
  • Booth Number: 7A33B
  • Contact address: Yongsheng Building, No.42 Xinhe Avenue, Yabian Community, Shajing Street, Baoan District, Shenzhen.
  • company phone: 020-568923
  • E-mail: szbiavt@126.com
  • Homepage http://www.biavt.com
  • Company Introduction:
    BIAVT (brand: BIAVT) is committed to the R&D, production and sales of audio and video products, and advocates digitalization, networking and systematization of audio and video. Including: digital audio and video management platform, digital media audio and video management platform, audio and video management software, cloud digital conference management software, audio and video operation and maintenance management platform, audio and video visualization platform, intelligent paperless conference system and other software and hardware products. We have a professional team and mature technology, and are determined to become the leading professional innovative technology company in China.
    BIAVT Company has an experienced R&D team in the field of audio and video, and has many years of research and practical experience in the fields of audio processing technology, video technology and multimedia communication technology. It has been widely used in government units, education industry, medical industry, public security inspection and law industry, army, transportation industry, financial industry, power industry, hotel industry, enterprise customers, exhibitions and other fields.
    In order to better serve customers, the company set up a professional service team to provide customers with professional consultation and after-sales service. Really meet customer needs, think about what customers think and worry about what customers worry about; Continuously optimize products and improve services to provide customers with better quality, more humane, intelligent and rational products.