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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Microbrain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Range Category: Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration
  • Products info: Barrier Gate Anti-Smashing Millimeter Wave Radar CAR-B50 millimeter wave radar - Lane Change Assist(LCA) UAV Radar(UAV-H30 Height Measuring Millimeter Wave Radar、UAV-R21 ObstacleAvoidance Millimeter Wave Radar) ISF-J06 Millimeter Wave Radar
  • The pavilion: 4
  • Booth Number: 4D29
  • Contact address:
  • company phone: 0731-89909918
  • E-mail: chenyu@microbrain.com.cn
  • Homepage http://www.microbrain.com.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Microbrain Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd(hereinafter referred to as “Microbrain”). is a High-Tech enterprise specializing in the research,development, production and sales of millimeter wave radar sensors. It is also a military civilian integration enterprise with profound knowledge of millimeter wave radar.
    Microbrain always adheres to the enterprise mission of "Innovation makes life beautiful " and adheres to the enterprise vision of "Make millimeter wave radar affordable". up to now totally millions of US dollar investments have been received from well-known domestic investment institutions.Microbrain has developed more than 10 type products of 79GHz millimeter wave radar and radar and video fusion series, with nearly 100 customers. The products can be used in automotive ADAS, UAV obstacle avoidance, smart parking, traffic detection, ship obstacle avoidance, smart home, security monitoring, the function of some products have reached the international advanced level. It is the first domestic enterprise of mass production of 79GHz millimeter wave radar.