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  • Company: Shenzhen Cloudcard Technology Co.Ltd
  • Range Category: One Card Solution,Intelligent Analysis,景区票务系统,智能通道闸,AI人脸识别
  • Products info: Scenic spots, playgrounds, water parks, swimming pools, gyms, Ski Resorts, Children's Paradise one-card ticket management system, smart canteen face recognition and consumption system, smart community face recognition and access control system, smart campus face recognition and push system.
  • The pavilion: 3
  • Booth Number: 3C25
  • Contact address: 5/f, Enterprise Life Artificial Intelligence Park, Donghuan 1st road, Longhua New District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province
  • company phone: 0755-32835566
  • E-mail: 2237922337@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.szyunka.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Shenzhen Cloud Cartoon Technology Co. , Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in intelligent face recognition terminal, intelligent passageway gate, Smart Card Equipment Manufacturers and R & D, sales in one, the company has the industry perfect one card, one face passes the system solution, the mature product matching ability, may solve the omni-directional personalized plan for each kind of enterprises and institutions. The company may according to the different customer, the different demand custom specialized one face passes the management system, one card passes the management system; The company to the leading technology, strong R & D capacity, excellent quality and good after-sales service by the majority of users praise!
    The company's current product line covers a variety of hardware and software products including: scenic spots, amusement parks, water parks, swimming pools, stadiums, ski resorts, Children's Paradise Card ticket management system, smart canteen face recognition consumer system, smart community face recognition access control system, smart campus face recognition push system, smart license plate recognition fee management system, smart construction site real name management system, wechat ordering management system, SMART AI vision recognition system, smart cloud visitor management system, campus, enterprise card management system, iC Card canteen toll machine, IC card water control machine, IC card on-board toll machine, IC card access control machine, face recognition consumer machine, face recognition temperature measuring terminal, face recognition access control machine, witness-witness comparison visitor machine, intelligent pedestrian channel gate and a variety of IC card reader products. All kinds of hardware and software products are fully interconnected, interoperable and third-party access to resources, with a strong platform and data integration capabilities. It is widely used in scenic spots, parks, gyms, gyms, swimming pools, playgrounds, children's Paradise, exhibition halls, government offices, schools, factory parks, communities, construction sites, military forces, prisons, finance, petroleum, tax, medical, catering, hotels, stations, ferries, subways, airports, tourism and information construction of enterprises and institutions.
    Since its establishment, the company has paid attention to brand awareness, brand way, trademark first; successfully registered cloud cartoon, Yuncard, Yunface, and a series of trademarks, and made breakthroughs and achievements in many products and technologies at the same time, all kinds of software copyright certificate, utility model certificate, appearance patent, invention patent certificate, etc. The company has been recognized as Shenzhen high-tech enterprises.
    With its leading technical strength, personalized products and continuous innovation, high-quality after-sales service and Advanced Corporate Culture Management, cloud cartoon technology continues to develop and grow. The software and hardware of the mature "Yitong" and "Yitong" system can meet the needs of all kinds of users, each subsystem can be used independently at will, and with its excellent quality and stability, it has stepped into the international market steadily.
    The company will follow the Enterprise Tenet of "do first-class service, create first-class brand" , and provide a more stable and perfect system solution for new and old customers. Dedicated to provide users with better quality products and perfect service, in line with the principle of mutual benefit and common development, we welcome people from all walks of life, manufacturers, distributors and we work together to create brilliant!
    Spirit of enterprise: Thanksgiving, loyalty, dedication, kindness, innovation
    Corporate purpose:To do first-class service, create first-class brand
    Corporate philosophy: Customer First, quality first, credit first
    Corporate objectives: Scientific Management, brand development, feedback to society
    Enterprise Style: Quick Response, do it right away
    Code of conduct: Do as you say, do as you say
    Learning view: Keep learning, keep up with the times; lifelong learning, self-achievement