October 25    th-October 28    th,2023
Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: China Science IntelliCloud Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Intelligent Analysis,Integrated Management Platform,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation,园区电子巡检,智慧工地
  • Products info: 1.Mobile smart sentry station; 2.Intelligent unmanned tower crane system; 3.Bionic intelligent patrol robot
  • The pavilion: 2
  • Booth Number: 2D65
  • Contact address: A401, No. 1272 of Tongpu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai
  • company phone: 021-66280880
  • E-mail: marketing@intellicloud.ai
  • Homepage http://www.intellicloudai.com
  • Company Introduction:
    China Science Intellicloud is a highly innovative artificial intelligence technology company which focuses on the field of security management. The company relies on its self-developed and original AI platform and digital twin platform, and takes advantage of advanced multi-source fusion perceptual computing, active learning, digital twin and other core technologies to provide overall smart security solution for industry, construction, transportation, agriculture, animal husbandry, medical and health and other fields, which includes technical services, solutions, and hardware equipment, etc.
    China Science Intellicloud was invested and established by CICFH Fund Management Co., Ltd in 2018. The core team members are scientists from famous universities such as Chinese Academy of Sciences, Oxford University and management talents from Fortune 500 companies. It has branches in Chengdu, Hefei, Shanghai, Beijing, Xi\'an, Shenzhen, Thailand and London. With fast and accurate algorithms as well as strong customization capabilities, it has currently served many well-known companies such as China Mobile, China State Construction, China Railway Construction, China Building Materials, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, CP Group, China Film Huachen Cineplex, Jingneng Group, Shanghai Dongfang Hospital, Shanghai Xinhua Hospital, etc.