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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Haosco Intelligent Technology (Shanghai) Co., LTD
  • Range Category: Building Intercom,Smart Home
  • Products info: Building Intercom is a security system. That is, in the multi-storey or high-rise building to achieve visitors, residents and property management center to communicate with each other, information exchange and achieve safe access to the community channel control management system. Smart home connec
  • The pavilion: 1
  • Booth Number: 1D32
  • Contact address: Room E, 7 / F, Building A, Yingjia Plaza, No. 2988, Gudai Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
  • company phone: 021-34200366
  • E-mail: chunsong.huang@fermaxchina.com
  • Homepage http://www.fermax.com.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Vermankos is a family owned company founded in Valencia, Spain.

    Founded in 1949 by its founder Fernando Maestra, Vermancos is a Spanish manufacturer specializing in the production of intelligent apartment management systems. It focuses on the development and production of visual intercom systems for residential areas, and its brand enjoys a leading position in the world.

    Today vermankos has dealers and offices in Spain, England, France, China, India, Dubai, Singapore, Poland, Russia, Colombia, Vietnam, Bahrain, the United States and Turkey.

    Vermankos has been in China since 1995. With its successful experience in nearly 80 countries, vermankos provides the Chinese market with high quality products of the same standard.

    As the first imported visual intercom brand to enter the Chinese market, with 70 years of professional experience in the field and 25 years of accumulation in the local field, Vermankos has now become a well-known manufacturer in the Chinese building video intercom industry.

    After 20 years of efforts by vermankos employees in China and more than 4000 projects, vermankos now means high quality products, high customer satisfaction, excellent design and professional technology in the Chinese market.