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  • Company: SERSTECH AB
  • Range Category: Police Equipment,Fire Equipment,Security Inspection & EOD
  • Products info: The Serstech 100 Indicator is the most compatible handheld Raman device that can identify more than 14000substances. Serstech Arx gives a preview of the future of handheld Raman and includes several patented solutions, such as autofocus, next-generation analytics engine and customizable workflows.
  • The pavilion: 二楼大厅
  • Booth Number: 2035
  • Contact address: Room 1009, 10/F Eight Commercial Tower, 8 Sun Yip Street, Siu Sai Wan Hong Kong
  • company phone: 852-97909495
  • E-mail: shane.chan@serstech.com
  • Homepage http://serstechchina.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Serstech Company Introduction

    It all began in 2002 when an extremely small spectrometer was developed by a team led by Prof. Jörg Hübner in the Department of Nanotechnology at DTU. Jörg met a team of Swedish entrepreneurs and together they started Serstech in 2006 with a vision of making spectrometers small, accurate and cost-efficient.
    Serstech is based in Sweden and has both development and production in Sweden. Serstech’s values are very Swedish – open, trustworthy, honest and with a clear focus on quality and design. We are an agile company and quickly adapts to the needs of our customers and partners. We believe all business is personal and we stay with our customers and partners all the way and all the time.
    Commitment to quality and long-term value. Serstech does not charge its partners or customers for updates of libraries or firmware, which means that all products continuously evolve, adding more and more value throughout their lifecycles. We do this since we want to make sure our customers have the latest substance libraries, the most features and the highest quality. Without compromise.
    Serstech has focused on the safety and security industry as a first step in its evolution, but the technology and products are not limited to this industry. As the use of chemicals increases in virtually all industries and government regulations follow, the need for quick and easy identification and documentation of chemicals will continue to increase for several years to come.