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2021 Exhibitors
  • Company: Shenzhen DNCT intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Range Category: One Card Solution,Security Systems Integration
  • Products info: License plate recognition, access control, face recognition, access gate, parking space guidance and other all-in-one card systems.
  • The pavilion: 2
  • Booth Number: 2C49
  • Contact address:
  • company phone: 0755-27615232
  • E-mail: 2853710878@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.dnct.com.cn/
  • Company Introduction:
    Shenzhen DNCT intelligent Technology Co.,Ltd. was established in 2003 and has been operating for 18 years. The company integrates research, production and sales. It has 6 branches, 11 offices and multiple distribution points. Its sales network covers major cities and autonomous regions in China. The company is committed to the ecological environment construction of smart parking, smart community and smart city, and creates smart, efficient and convenient parking experience and services with the help of cloud computing, cloud parking, wireless technology, Internet technology and big data analysis technology.
    DNCT focuses on brand service, insists on independent research and development and technological innovation, and is committed to building intelligent advanced products and technologies, and always maintains the advanced and practical products of the same type. In line with the business purpose of \\\"providing customers with the most satisfactory products and services\\\", based on the market orientation, seek development in competition, innovation in development and breakthrough in innovation, and strive to become the preferred business partner of advantageous suppliers and customers in the industry.
    Main products: unattended parking lot management system, automatic license plate recognition system, intelligent access control system, intelligent face recognition system, intelligent ladder control system, intelligent access gate system, video / ultrasonic guidance system. The products cover all kinds of software and hardware of import and export management system, and provide Internet cloud platform, mobile phone app, intelligent payment and city level all-in-one card system, Achieve full interconnection, interoperability and docking of third-party resources, and have strong platform and data integration capabilities.
    Service concept: Southeast China is in line with the business objective of \\\"providing customers with the most satisfying products and services\\\". The company regards \\\"sincere service and customer aggregation\\\" as one of the company\\\'s corporate culture. It ensures the system\\\'s advanced nature, reliability and stability, and constantly changes its service quality. System commissioning, after-sales system maintenance management, technical service, user technical training and other aspects to ensure that customers can get the best maintenance and fastest technical support after adopting our system.
    Perfect production system: Southeast chuangtong Industrial Park covers an area of 5000 square meters and belongs to industrial land. Strictly manage the quality problems of suppliers, establish a complete set of supplier product quality inspection, sample sealing and on-site inspection, and ensure that the brand value of Southeast chuangtong continues to be recognized by the market!