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  • Range Category:
  • Products info: The license plate recognition system of vehicle parking fees giving machine
  • The pavilion: 3
  • Booth Number: 3D40
  • Contact address: Fumin Community Fukang Industrial Road, Fucheng Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, No. 44 201
  • company phone: 0513-85660339
  • E-mail: 2880656713@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.jiexuancc.com
  • Company Introduction:
    Jie Xuan Electronics Co., Ltd. is the intelligent control system in the field of research and development / production / sales / service in one of the professional company, products include: parking control system, intelligent parking management system, automatic license plate recognition system, parking fees system, parking long-distance card, channel intelligent management system, three roller gates, swing gate, brake block, automatic card / card machine parking entrance control system, vehicle detector, and parking facilities management, is committed to in the long distance card reader, residential access control machine, elevator controller, power locks, power products R & D and production.
    Company independent research and development of the parking lot management system, license plate recognition system, 2.4G remote reader, residential access control, elevator controller, to adopt ARM high performance microprocessor technology and ultra low power RISC processor technology, completely solve the remote, large flow data acquisition, ultra low power, high-speed mobile identification and data transmission problems. Products are widely used in the parking lot, school, transportation, industrial and mining enterprises, scenic areas, living quarters, government agencies, military logistics, and other fields. Company with many years of intelligent car park charging system and other products of the core technology development and innovation, has a rich theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the product development team, with "high and new ideas, innovative thinking, excellent vision", and strive to achieve "let science and technology to create value for us" noble mission! We follow the "customer as the center, always provide customers with professional, attentive service" as the guiding ideology, has set up a set of technical support, after-sales service as one of the service system. To provide customers with professional, fast and efficient technical support and caring services, work together to build a long-term, stable and pleasant cooperation, and strive to create the largest products and service value.