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  • Company: Shenzhen wuzhou innolux technology co., LTD
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Public Broadcasting,Video Conference,Display Device,Integrated Management Platform
  • Products info: The LCD splicing screen The LCD monitor Explosion-proof splicing Advertising machine Touch all-in-one
  • The pavilion: 8
  • Booth Number: 8T02
  • Contact address: Baoan district of shenzhen guanlan street bamboo village industrial zone 3 building 2 f
  • company phone: 400-000-7939
  • E-mail: 2850509796@qq.com
  • Homepage http://www.wuzhoukeji.com/
  • Company Introduction:
    Shenzhen wuzhou innolux technology co., LTD., a registered capital of 5 million, owned by shenzhen wuzhou horizon technology co., LTD., founded in 2007, is a collection of security products research and development, production, sales and security engineering design and construction, security system solutions for the integration of large-scale professional company. Company with many years engaged in security industry experience, has a group of senior security industry professionals. Relying on the powerful r&d team and high-tech high-quality products, systems, solutions and highly efficient distribution network, thoughtful and timely services to customers, and \\\"good faith\\\" business philosophy, the company development, has become China\\\'s current domestic security industry well-known enterprises.
    Company in 2009 launched 17 to 22 inches of classic series hd LCD monitor products, after the listing is well received by the market strongly, and in the same year 2 h series 2.5 inch - 108 - inch LCD monitor series products, 40 inch 46 inch narrow side LCD splicing screen series products. In 2010 the company successfully developed many screen LCD monitor, successfully applied in the banking system and the prison system. Launch and in the same year wuzhou horizon \\\"monitor modular structure\\\", completely solve the traditional monitor \\\"difficult to detect, hard after sale, transportation,\\\" problem, upgrade of industry products contributed epoch-making progress; Company first launched in 2011 LED LCD monitors, samsung ultra narrow side LCD splicing screen series products, further deepen the company security field of liquid crystal display (LCD) advantage. Launched in 2012, the wuzhou horizon its independent development of advertisement teaching all-in-one machine, touch, touch gets to, such as automatic calling distributor digital signage product, with \\\"security level\\\" product quality and service, the widely acclaimed; In 2013, the wuzhou horizon to completed the historic upgrade industrial structure itself, from a pure hardware into software and hardware combined with product upgrade. After two years of research and development, in 2013, the 14th shenzhen wuzhou horizon international public safety products expo officially launched the independent research and development of the network LCD monitors, combination of software and hardware, and solve the network camera on the wall, hard operation.
    At present, the company independent research and development production of CRT monitors, LCD monitors, DID the big screen splicing wall and so on more than 10 series over 100 varieties of security products display and professional commercial display terminal, can meet the all requirements of the customer in the field of terminal display, has become the most abundant domestic products, the most complete specifications of the professional industrial display equipment manufacturers. Wuzhou professional display terminal series product features advanced, convenient operation, smart upgrade, application scope expanding, covering fields increasingly extend, has been widely used in: all levels of government and peace city construction projects, minor monitoring command center, troops military command center, administrative system, education system, financial center and large enterprise internal control and scheduling command center project, at the same time has successively for more than 60 well-known enterprises at home and abroad or well-known brands to provide OEM and ODM products cooperation and service, has been widely praised and loved by customers at home and broad security, the products sell well all over the country, and exported to Europe and the United States and southeast Asia and other overseas markets.
    Today, in wuzhou team continuously the breakthrough and innovation, the company has already formed the LCD splicing display system as the core, covering the LCD monitors, LCD advertising machine, LCD touch screen, stitching machine series, matrix series, engineering series, digital distribution equipment and other products system, all products have passed national ISO9001 certification and 3 c certification, and obtained the relevant departments to inspection report. Can meet the all requirements of the customer in the field of terminal display.
    Wuzhou molded security science and technology, brand achievement. In the process of brand building, wuzhou horizon have always regarded the brand image for the enterprise\\\'s lifeline. We know that only first-class quality, first-class services to shape the first-class brand. In the process of brand building, we with colleges and universities in guangdong province and security technology research institute to establish the integration of \\\"production, study and research\\\" cooperation models, made a strong professional and technical research and development strength and excellent professional talent team, established a perfect system of new product dev