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  • Company: Shenzhen city rui set intelligent technology LTD
  • Range Category: One Card Solution,Security Systems Integration,Intelligent Transportation
  • Products info: The pedestrian gate: three roller gates, swing gates, wing brake, etc
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  • company phone: 075533121365
  • E-mail: 879869879@qq.com
  • Homepage http://
  • Company Introduction:
    Intelligent technology co., LTD. Shenzhen set, create the security of the world are in shenzhen, is a pedestrian tunnel gate: three roller gates, swing gates, such as product design, research and development wing gate and one cartoon system comprehensive supporting services for the main business of high and new technology enterprise. The company is committed to provide customers with the best quality, most competitive technical solutions and professional services, relying on the powerful cooperation resources and extensive sales network and good reputation, the industry quickly entered the mainstream of the pedestrian system. Of the IC industry market demand and development trend of the depth of the master, after many years of accumulation of product solutions, rui set intelligent pedestrian has grown into a leading global brake machine product and service providers. Company headquarters is located in shenzhen city; In Shanghai, Beijing, shenyang, zhengzhou and other key cities and southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa, South America, Europe and other countries and regions have branches, with many big customers all over the world to establish long-term stable strategic cooperative partnership. Company as excellent channel design production company, its core mechanical structure and circuit control part adopts industry proven mature and stable solution and perfect, to further improve product captures office, community, scenic areas, factories and other large Numbers of people in and out of place.
    Company will, as always, adhering to the "customer benefit, staff, the company development, return society" core values, adhere to the "pursuit of excellence, improve self" spirit of enterprise, carry forward the "earnestly, efficient, keep promise" of work style, to become a respected international is struggling companies Employees are the most valuable wealth of company and high-speed development of nuclear power. Headquarters, the company has a qualified senior professional management of the core team and a strong research and development of the quality assurance team, the company will continue to uphold the "people-oriented, joint venture, sharing achievement" talent development strategy, talents, pay attention to employees and companies grow together, trying to provide fair and efficient, harmonious, and comfortable working environment and broad space of rapid development and competitive compensation package, let the staff and the company share the fruits of harvest.