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2015 Exhibitors
  • Company: Shanghai TruthVision Information Technology CO.,LTD
  • Range Category: Video Surveillance,Burglar Alarm,Intelligent Analysis,Smart Home,Intelligent Transportation,Police Equipment
  • Products info: Intelligent video analysis, Video face capture and recognition,Advanced Driving Assistant System.
  • The pavilion: 9
  • Booth Number: 9T12
  • Contact address:
  • company phone: 021-60271778
  • E-mail: xiajing@truthvision.cn
  • Homepage http://
  • Company Introduction:
    Shanghai TruthVision Information Technology CO.,LTD is a high-tech enterprise which is introduced by Shanghai Zizhu Science Park , formally established in September 2013, focus on artificial intelligence technology and product development.

    "Artificial intelligence. Perception of the world. To serve the community." is the Truthvision's vision.
    Truthvision is applying artificial intelligent video analysis technology to consumer field, mobile Internet field and enterprise security field. Truthvision is working to bring high efficiency and new experience to each enterprise and everyone.

    As Truthvision is a young company at the same time, Truthvision’s team is a great heritage of the team. Truthvision’s team focused on technologies of artificial intelligence research in 20 years, focused on marketing of artificial intelligence in 10 years. Team’s dream is to bring Truthvision’s aritificial intelligence product to the word.

    In the field of safety, Truthvision launches Intelligent Video Perimeter System, Intelligent Video Monitoring System, Intelligent Video Banking System, Intelligent Video Traffic statistics system and dynamic optimum face capture system. Because of ultra-high accuracy, these systems are unbeatable in the market;
    In the field of consumer, Truthvision put a lot of research and development on self-driving cars field and face recognition field. Truthvision will create world class artificial intelligence products.

    Truthvision’s culture: innovative, focused, pragmatic, honest.

    Truthvision will be in constant innovation in the field of computer vision, always at the world class level;

    Truthvision will focus on technology and product development, to provide customers with first-class products and first-class service;

    Truthvision will adopt a pragmatic style of work, to achieve the ultimate every detail;

    Truthvision will be honest attitude towards customers, employees, partners, and society ;