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2015 Exhibitors
  • Company: Nanjing Uni-Specialized Robot Technology Co.,Ltd
  • Range Category: Security Accessories,Integrated Management Platform,Police Equipment,Fire Equipment,Security Inspection & EOD,Public Security Departments
  • Products info: Small explosive-handling robot , micro reconnaissance robot, flying robot, and other derived products, such as security systems, key module software and hardware products.
  • The pavilion: 二楼大厅
  • Booth Number: 5W05
  • Contact address:
  • company phone: 025-83193811
  • E-mail: 13905183235@139.com
  • Homepage http://www.usrobot.cn
  • Company Introduction:
    Nanjing Uni-Specialized Robot Technology Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2012. Emerged in response to the \"321 Talent Introduction Policy\" in Nanjing , Since its establishment, our company has been highly valued by the government and the community. It is specialized in researching, developing and producing micro/small size robots of special work which can be mainly used in reconnaissance & explosive removal, disaster rescue and polar adventure. Our main products are Small explosive-handling robot , micro reconnaissance robot, flying robot, and other derived products, such as security systems, key module software and hardware products. This series of robot products has reached the technical indicators of the similar products at home and broad and can be widely used in public security, power, military, fire and other industries.
    At present, our company’s leading products are focused on reconnaissance, search & rescue and exploration under special environments. Based on the system understanding of the current research and application status of related areas and the accumulative technical experience in robot mobility & perception, we have summarized the outstanding features of our robots. As follows:
    •More Flexible Mobility: using two-crawler structure to ensure its performance in stepping over obstacles like steps, stairs etc,; using folding structure to create a smaller body size, which ensures its good ability to perform in a small space.
    •Full Integration of Current Sound Network &Communication Skills: With the application of Wifi in a larger scale and the 3G networks tend to improve its quality, more related products have Wifi / 3G wireless communication skills, which can effectively make robots user-friendly, and achieve a better result for information sharing and integration with other systems.
    Through the effective implementation of these products, we will achieve a number of technical innovations for Uni-robots working under a special environment:
    •Adapting to work under a variety of environments and terrains ; having a higher energy efficiency and multi-scale universal mobile platform for body stability;
    •Having operational capacity with a variety of mechanical arms and various end operational instruments;
    •Having local embedded robot control system with distributed structure; forming interface standard framework for various functional parts.
    •Equipped with multi-sensor dynamic environment sensing and modeling techniques; having friendly human-computer interaction and portable remote operator station
    Reaching international advanced level, we Uni-robot will efficiently overcome the shortcomings of other domestic robots’ bulkiness, low mobility, and inflexible operational skills. Over the past years, our company has independently developed own robot and won the 1st prize for several times both in domestic and international completions, thus making our brand and products famous in robotic field.
    Company Website: www.usrobot.cn, Tel: 025-83796737, E-mail: usrobot@usrobot.cn
    Welcome to join us and have fun!