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2015 Exhibitors
  • Range Category: Smart Home,Security Accessories
  • Products info: Fourth generation switch
  • The pavilion: 6号馆 二楼平台
  • Booth Number: 6206
  • Contact address: 5F/A2 HUAFENG camera science area,songgang town,baoan district,shenzhen city,China
  • company phone: 0755-29238460
  • E-mail: li.shaozhang@yloda.com
  • Homepage http://
  • Company Introduction:
    Over the years, Hone Leaf R & D and manufacturing focus on Intelligent Home Furnishing products, to provide users with products including intelligent switch, high-end electric curtains, building intercom, network monitoring, wireless gateway control socket, Home Furnishing series products, with strong R & D, design, production, installation and commissioning, technical training capability Hone Leaf has become the largest China Home Furnishing brand, which is the essence of intelligent switch product combines technology and aesthetics, change the function, the appearance of the traditional switch and habits, to breed the art, fashion, science and technology, intelligence has been highly recognized by users, the product has been in the global sales of many countries, some products even won Design Awards of honor.
    Adhering to the concept of good experience and experience for the user, Hone Leaf to learn from foreign successful home products business model, as well as international product design standards, the use of the advantages of brand building channels, channels to promote its own brand strategy, the product quickly covered the major retail stores, and gradually establish a large and medium cities nationwide distribution network. And with the music live, B&Q, famous chain stores established long-term cooperative partnership.
    With the accelerated pace of globalization, Hone Leaf will be professional, fashion brand image and high quality products, dedicated to provide customers with more quality, satisfactory service!
    Hone Leaf history
    2007 03 company formally established;
    2007 04 R & D team to complete the formation of the company;
    November 2007 the first intelligent switch independent research and development success;
    November 2008 formally established smart home products manufacturing industrial park, the formation of the domestic advanced production line
    2013 07 months Hone Leaf successfully launched the smart switch product line