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CPSE 2021 Golden Cauldron Award


  The Golden Cauldron Award of CPSE 2021, one of the most influential awards in the global security industry, is open for application submission.


  ▲ Golden Cauldron Award

  About the Award

  The professional team of China Public Security Magazine and CPS Media are working with tens of millions of users to select the products with outstanding performance in 2021. The winner will emerge out of tens of thousands of security products, and will be announced at CPSE 2021.

  The selection of the award strives to cultivate a number of high-quality and characteristic security products with strong market competitiveness, great development potential and remarkable technological innovation. Through the selection, we aim to promote a sound and rapid development of China's security industry.

  The selection committee consists of leaders and experts from relevant departments at home and abroad. They will perform the evaluation process based on certification screening and strict examination.

  Please note that the selecting committee of the 2021 Golden Cauldron Award serves as a third party to evaluate the advantages, disadvantages and applicability of products. Therefore, the selecting committee is not a testing and certification agency, it aims to evaluate products from the perspective of the users.

  In terms of evaluation criteria, we focus on several points:

  1) Product design: the materials and design of the products (physical appearance)

  2) Product’s internal structure

  3) Test performance: main functions of the product

  4) Technical parameters: main parameters of the product

  5) Editor's point of view: comments on products by China Public Security Magazine’s industry editorial team

  The awardees will be announced on October 28th,2021. The awarding ceremony will be held during 2021 CPSE.

  Product types to be considered for the award:

  Major security products participating in the 2021 CPSE will be eligible, which include the categories of: smart city, AI, smart home, video surveillance, anti-theft alarm, access gate and network transmission. The seven categories include HD / network camera, DVR / NVR, AR / VR, AI / fingerprint door lock LCD / LED monitor splicing wall, 4G / 5G wireless gateway, chip components / sensors, laser / infrared radiation detector, RFID access control and attendance machine and other products.

  Note: the products participating in the selecting processshouldhave been officially sold in the domestic and foreign markets for two years. For the upgraded products that have not been put on the market before the 2021 CPSE, please provide the engineering prototype for evaluation. To be eligible for selection, all participating products need to have registered trademarks, production standards, quality inspection reports, 3C certification, certain market popularity, production scale and high technical content.

  Media exposure opportunities:

  The evaluation results, user comments and third-party experience of the awarding products will be promoted in our magazines, websites and Wechat platform.

  Application process:

  All enterprises participating in the evaluation shall submit their application to the selecting committeeby express (address: 4th Floor of Yinglong Building, No. 6025 Shennan Road, Futian District, Shenzhen, China). At the same time, product specifications, product performance data forms, pre-sales / after-sales technical materials need to be submittedfor verification.

  Applicants will be charged certain fees for products testing and the award winner will be charged an additional fee for the award trophy and certificate.

  For more info regarding submission, please directly email yunying@cps.com.cn